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Samurai Training

Spring Samurai Series

April 30th, May 7th and May 14th
Samurai Clinics focus on fast paced drills focusing on a specific area of the game and perfecting it with fast tempo and repetition.
**Please note the clinics are specific for teams and age levels. Please pay attention to the teams/ages in ( ) when signing up
Each clinic is designed to perfect the small details that make a HUGE change in your skills and over all game performance. 
4/30: Training session focusing on ball control and defense - Learn to be a game changer - scrimmage and score under pressure
5/7: Training session focusing on scrimmaging - learn to be a game changer - score under pressure
5/14: Training session focusing on setting, attacking, and blocking - scrimmage and learn to be a game changer and score under pressure
Each samurai training sessions comes with an exclusive and complimentary 45 minute leadership workshop immediately following training 7-7:45
Wonder why your attack lacks power ? Let’s examine your footwork, the speed progression, dynamics and length of your closing step, transition from heel to toe during your take off, hip rotation, arm position on take off, arm swing… just to name a few. 
EVERY singe detail plays a vital role in successful mastery of the skill. 
Come and learn the proper technique that will set you up for future success. 
Each session lasts 1.5 hours. Cost per session $20.00 (Metro Players only)
14 Players maximum in each court/session.
Master Coaches will lead Samurai Clinics, assisted by the Metro coaching staff. 
*Due to the high demand for these clinics and the limited spots available, these clinics are non-refundable and non-transferable.

During Club Season Samurai Training Series - Begins back November 2021

Join us for the Samurai Training Series

Samurai training is designed to focus on each skill and provide the player with many reps, working on muscle memory and execution of the skills. With many reps and rapid fire drills, players are able to elevate their skills and their game at a faster pace.

Learn how to read the game - compete with and against anybody. Elevate your game IQ and become most valuable player for your team.

Players will be divided into appropriate groups to work on these skills and will be working with our Master  and Elite Coaches!

Sign up for individual sessions - $20 each (for Metro players only)
Each session is 60-90 minutes (depending on the type of Samurai)
12-14 players maximum per court (depending on the type of Samurai).
Each session is lead by our Master and Elite coaches 
*Due to the high demand for these clinics and the limited spots available, these clinics are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Why are live scrimmages and game situations important to your player?
We all have seen players who can perform drills with perfection in practice or play the game in the comfort with  their friends but when GAME DAY comes they find themselves timid and hesitant and do not perform to their best ability.
WHY? They lack the ability to read the game.
Get EXTRA practices during the months of November - June focus highly on teaching proper technique and skills development. While we do not omit teaching the players how to read the game, there is simply not enough time during practice to cover everything.
“ READING the game “
Is perhaps the most difficult skill to learn and take time to master it.
Come and join us for SAMURAI Sessions.
Learn what it takes to become a true competitor.

*Due to the high demand for these clinics and the limited spots available, these clinics are non-refundable.