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Metro Safety Protocols

Memphis Metro Covid Protocols

Safety First!

Memphis Metro is committed to the health and safety of our members and the community. Safety for our players, coaches, staff and their families is our number one priority. In order to serve our players inside the training facility and to ensure their safety, we have implemented new guidelines outlined below to provide you a safe practice/private lesson experience. As this is an evolving situation, we will continue to monitor local guidelines, regulations and recommendations to ensure all proper precautions are being taken so you can feel safe coming to clinics/private lessons.
Here are the precautions we are taking: each court will have their own sanitized balls and ball carts for each practice (using Nemesis spray). Instruction will take place at least 6 feet apart and players will remain socially distanced. Team practices will be at least one court apart and coaches will wear gloves and a mask during practice. Courts will be sanitized after each practice using a Sterilaser – germicidal UV-C light laser that kills viruses, germs, bacteria and more!
Clinics/Camps/Lessons will consist of the following:
Training with start with a limited number of players.
Training will start with a limited number of balls.
Coaches will wear mask and gloves during clinics/camps/ private lesson
Coaches will use separate ball cart/ 15 volleyballs for each group
For Athletes:
  • Athlete arrive 15 minutes prior to your training
  • Athletes are required to wear masks at all times
  • Each athlete has to have a waiver signed by a parent prior to the first training (if you have already done this, you do not have to sign again). Click here for the waiver and make sure it is signed and turned in prior to the beginning of the first practice.
  • Come prepared - fully dressed in your gear and shoes
  • Bring two large water bottles (filled) – (you will not be able to use the water fountain, hangout area, or restrooms)
  • Bring hand sanitizer (ex. Purel/purex) or wipes for your own use before, during and after practice
  • Have your hair pulled back and with a headband to limit loose hairs in your face (trying to limit face touching – don’t touch your face!)
  • Go to the bathroom before you come for your training
  • Coach will unlock the main entrance door and let you onto your designated spot inside to get your temperature checked as well as answer two routine safety questions. Spots are marked inside the training facility 6 feet apart and players will be sent to their designated spot for the checks.
  • Body temperature will be measured & noted on list (for private lessons as well)
  • Player has to answer 3 questions:
  • o  Q 1: have you been sick or run a fever in the last 48 hrs?
  • o  Q 2: have you traveled outside of Memphis in the past 14 days? If so, where to?
  • o  Q 3: during last 14 days did you have a contact with Covid-19 infected person (sick, traced), travel out of country or to high risk area (e.g. NYC)?
  • Player will then be allowed to go to your court where you will also have a designated spot on the court to put your bag and water
  • Social distancing with your teammates and coach will be in effect (no huddles, high fives, hugging etc.)
  • Instruction will happen from a minimum of 6 feet apart
  • Your court will be equipped with sanitized balls and a ball cart
  • Each player should wash gear after each training session
  • No parents/spectators allowed in the gym during this time