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Private Lessons

Memphis Metro Coaches are available for Private Lessons, Group Lessons, and Samurai Lessons. These lessons can only be scheduled at the Memphis Metro Training Facility; Please note that in order to keep our players and coaches protected, NO Metro lessons can be scheduled outside of the Memphis Metro Training Facility.
Memphis Metro has a live automated private lesson system, which gives you more opportunity to view coach and court availability, provides a quick - efficient ways to set up lessons, let's each client and coach immediately see the days and times available for lessons, and accommodates ALL clients who desire to schedule private/group lessons.
The scheduling calendar below reflects court availability - days and times for private lessons.


This easy 3-step process will make scheduling lessons easier and more efficient! 
Click on the link to view coach and court availability.
*I would save this link as it is a live link and updates live minute to minute as coaches make changes and new lessons get booked and scheduled! This link is also available on our website so you can always check the LIVE private lesson availability
Find your desired coach and a time where they are available to have lessons. Each coach that is doing private lessons has set their schedule and they have indicated whether they are: available, unavailable, or booked.
*The schedule is available for two months at a time. At the end of the month and new month availability will be posted
TEXT the coach with who you desire to have a lesson with and the dates and times to set up a lesson. (Texting is important so you and the coach have a record of correspondence for desired lesson days and times) When the coach and you agree on the date and timethe coach will update the master private lessons calendar in the respective time slot from available to booked. If you need the coach's contact information, click here.
*VERY IMPORTANT: If you see that your desired coach is already booked during the day and time you would like lesson, PLEASE text the coach and ask if they have room in the lesson for another player. Group lessons are a great way to train and many coaches have availability in their group lessons, just text and ask them!
Each private/group lesson has to be paid prior to each session.
Private and group lessons are done in 45-minute sessions.
Private lessons: 1-2 players $55 (Non-Metro $70)
Small groups: 3 and more players $35 (Non-Metro $50)
Samurai: 14 players max $20 (Non-Metro $35)