Tournament Rules 

1. There will be no coaches meeting.
2. The protest committee will be appointed by the tournament director if needed.
3. Team pools, brackets and results will be posted & updated online at AES. It is the responsibility of the team coach to know if tie-breaker will be played as well as working schedule.
4. Captains meeting and the coin toss on Saturday will be at each court at 7:50 AM 2:20 PM waves. On Sunday it will be 10 min before the first match of the bracket and 10 min before following matches on the bracket schedule unless both teams are ready to start earlier. Warm ups will be 2-4-4 for every match.
5. In Four-team pools, teams will play 2 out of 3 sets from 0 to 25. If there is a 3rd set needed to decide the match winner it will be 15-point tie breaker set without teams changing sides.
6. The Three-team pools will play 3 sets to 25 regardless of the number of wins that any team has.
7. All sets including tie-breakers require a win by 2 points with no cap.
8. The pursuit rule (USAV 10.1.2) is not in effect at any court.
9. 12’s & Under divisions will play on a 7’0” high net with a volley-lite volleyballs. Step in during serve is allowed.
10. Each team must immediately report to the table at the court where they are scheduled to play.Working team will provide down ref, one Scorekeeper and Line Judges.
11. Rules to assign the team rank in the pools after finishing the pool play are: 

a. Pool match record
b. Head to Head result from the pool
c. Won-Loss sets ratio for total number of sets played in the pool (wins/total sets) d. Points Percentage (a team’s total points scored divided by the total points scored by the opponents)
e. Coin Toss 

17. Tie Breakers - Based on the latest USAV rules there are no tie-breakers.
18. All Sunday matches will be best 2 out of 3 to 25 with 15 point tie-breaker. Win by 2, no cap.
19. Teams will not switch sides between sets (or in the deciding 3rd set).Teams will not shake hands before or after matches.
20. Courts and halls will need to be vacated immediately after waves and brackets are finished. 

Some quick reminders from the Delta Region: 

1) We are not switching sides between sets or at 8 in a deciding 3rd set. The 3rd sheet scoresheet looks the same as sets 1 & 2 (this is a real blessing.) 

2) We are not lining up on the end line at the start of a match. Just get your team on the court in the correct position so the R2 can check lineups. 

3) At the end of the match, the R1 will signal “end of match” and teams will go to their benches—where they will hopefully pick up all of their water bottles & trash so the next team doesn’t have to deal with it. 

4) R2’s should be trained by coaches to stay near the scorer’s table to yell “Go” and allow substitutes in the game. There is no need for them to approach the substitutes entering the game. It’s one less person in which they will come in contact. Yes, I would wear a mask while officiating, but you do you. 

5) Much like team benches, officiating teams need to clean up the score table at the end of their duties. 

6) We have an officials’ shortage. In the case of a shortage throughout the event, your coaches or qualified players may have to perform R1 duties. We are starting with an adequate numbers of R1’s, but in the case that we lose them to illness as the event proceeds, please make sure you have enough trained personnel on your roster and have them carry their equipment. 

7) Things I would carry as a coach: My own pen & pencils. Line-up sheets (available here) so there’s less contact at the score table. Hand sanitizer and those sanitizing wipes. A no-touch thermometer (really). Enough N95 masks to change out multiple times during the day. Extras uniform jerseys in case you need to pick up a player, or somebody forgot theirs. 


Due to the uncertainty of COVID, the region Board agrees to allow teams to play with four players in the event they have less than six players. This is only effective in the Delta Region. No penalty is assessed to the team. Scorer will just x out position V & VI. 

For teams that do not want to play short-handed with players, they have the option to pull a player (within the age requirement) from another team within their club-- even if the player has already participated in the event. As an example, a 13yr old player who plays on the AM wave can then play for the 15s team that is scheduled to compete in 

the PM wave. Only teams that have less than 6 players can use this rule modification. Please note that the player must wear the correct team uniform. 

*NEW THIS SEASON: Age Waivers will be accepted. 

*Boys may play in girls divisions 10s, 11s & 12s; boys age 13 may play in girls 14s division; boys age 14 may play in girls 16s division- as long as they fall into the age requirement guidelines (either coed or boys). Region Admin will need to approve the boys waivers. 

*2-meter Step-in Serving rule (that's about 6 1/2 feet) for 12 & under will be used at all Delta Region events, except the Bid Qualifier. 

Please remember, that per USAV rules, there is NO BALL HANDLING outside of the playing area. Players cannot warmup up out side of the playing surface.