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Frequently Asked Questions

Club season is a new and exciting experience but it can be overwhelming for parents and players who are new to Metro and to club volleyball. To help answer some questions you might have, we have put together some information about competitive volleyball and how things work at Metro. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or if there is anything more we can help you with. Welcome to Metro!

• Competitive indoor training program (November-April ) (May-June post season)
• Youth Volleyball Academy - introduction to volleyball
• Specialized clinics – Pre-Tryout clinics, Position specific clinics
• College Coaches clinics
• Private Lessons, small Group Lessons, and Samurai training
• Summer Camps and Clinics
• College Recruiting clinics
• Fall League – training program August – September


1. How do I get on a competitive team?
Each player must complete the 3-hour tryouts. The purpose of tryouts is to place each player on the appropriate team based on their skills that are demonstrated at tryouts.  Tryouts are highly competitive.  We encourage each player to attend the Pre-Tryout clinics, to get familiar with the drills and format that will be used at tryouts.  We will be offering 25 competitive teams this year. 

2. Can I make it on the team if I am just a beginner?
We welcome all athletes beginners or experienced. All athletes MUST participate in Metro tryouts to be considered for a competitive team.

3. How long is the club volleyball season?
Competitive season starts in November and ends in April. Elite Black teams will continue post season May–June and compete at the AAU National Championship in Orlando, FL.
Elite Red and White teams will continue post season in May and have extra tournament in June. National teams post season is optional.

4. What Competitive teams does Memphis Metro Offer?
We offer the following teams in each age group category to best accommodate our athletes:

  • 8-10’ Training Team (1 practices/week) short season, weekends only. Practices December-March. No tournament competition
  • 11' Elite teams (2 practices/week) local/regional tournaments
  • 12' Elite teams (3 practices/week) competitive tournament schedule 
  • 12' National teams (2 practices/week) ) local/regional tournaments
  • 13' Elite teams (3 practices/week) competitive tournament schedule
  • 13' National teams (2 practices/week) ) local/regional tournaments
  • 13' Training Team (1 practice/week) short season/weekends only. Practices December - March. No tournament competition 
  • 14' Elite teams (3 practices/week) competitive tournament schedule
  • 14' National teams (2 practices/week) local /regional tournaments
  • 14' Training Team (1 practices/week) short season/weekends only. Practices December - March. No tournament competition
  • 15' Elite teams (3 practices/week) competitive tournament schedule
  • 15' National teams (2 practices/week) ) local/regional tournaments
  • 16' Elite teams (3 practices/week) competitive tournament schedule
  • 17' Elite teams (3 practices/week) competitive tournament schedule
  • 18' Elite team (3 practices/week) competitive tournament schedule
  • 18' Master team (3 practices/week) competitive tournament schedule

5. What is the approximate cost?
Clinics/Lessons range from $20 – $60.
Season long training fees range from $660 - $3,690 based on training, travel, and duration of program selected.

6. Are there breaks/time off during the season?
We take a break for the winter holidays. In addition, for teams participating in post season, we take a break for a couple of weeks in April before beginning practice for the post season in May.

7. What is the training/practice schedule?
   Elite teams typically practice 3 times a week
   • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7 PM or 7-9 PM and
   • Sunday 2 hrs. between 1 PM to 6 PM.
  National teams – typically practice 2 times a week
   • One day per week from 5-7 PM or 7-9 PM
   • Saturdays 2 hrs. between 8 AM to 6 PM.

Training teams are formed based on the demand. Practices are once a week on Saturdays.

8. Where is the Metro practice facility?
Our 30,000 sq. ft., free standing, air-conditioned and heated Memphis Metro Training Facility is conveniently located 2950 Brother Blvd., Bartlett, TN 38133. It is at the intersection of Appling / Brother and Stage Rd.

9. Can I try out at other clubs?
There is no limit on how many clubs you can try out for. With any tryout, we suggest you ask questions to find out if the training, coaches, and facility are the right fit for you. Just because you went to the tryout does not mean you are obligated to the club. Each volleyball club offers a different program for different athletes. Make sure you ask the right questions before signing up.

10. At try-outs, do I have to sign a contract?
NO! We will evaluate each player at the tryout session and notify each athlete of the team selection. Results will be posted on the website. Each player will contact the coach within 24 hours to let them know of their decision. After player/parents agree to become a part of one of our Metro teams, they must make a first non refundable payment in order to be placed on the team roster.  If payment is not made, the player’s position on a team will become open and offered to another player. Parents will sign a contract when making the first payment.
Mandatory parent /player meeting will take place the first weekend in November. During the parent’s meeting we will talk about our team practices, competition, training, expectations, team rules, etc.

11. What should the parent know before selecting a club?
1. What is the club protocol for Covid-19?
2. What is the level at which a prospective club competes? - It would be frustrating to join the club that travels to the USA Junior Olympic qualifiers and national events if you have no interest in traveling or lack the experience needed to play at that level. By the same token, being the marquee player on the team that only plays in local tournaments may be flattering, but it isn't likely going to help you grow and develop as a player.
3. Who are your coaches? - Do they have National /international experience?
4. What are the training fees and what do they cover?
5. Where will you be practicing? - With your busy schedule and high gas prices, location might play a big role.
6. How many practices a week? - Specific times and days.
7. How long do practices typically last?
8. When do practices begin?
9. Who is going to be coaching my daughter's team?
10. How many tournaments?
11. Do you offer any College Coaches clinic or College recruiting assistance?
12. What is your club history of success? - How did your teams finish at National competitions?
13. How many athletes are being currently recruited from your club?
14. What are some of the schools recruiting them?
15. Is your club recognized by college coaches?

All these questions should be answered before you sign up with the volleyball club of your choice. Do not miss out on training with the best! Give Metro a chance to turn your athlete into a Champion, on and off the court!!!

Youth Volleyball Academy provides every child age 6-11 with a chance to learn and play volleyball in a fun, safe, and supervised environment. Learn to move and play the game while using modified equipment and high- energy activities! Develop hand-eye coordination, large motor skills, and basic volleyball techniques all while having fun with our qualified and energetic instructors.
Training offered monthly (November-March), $75.00 per monthly training series.

III. COLLEGE COACHES CLINICS - Memphis Metro is proud to offer College Coaches clinics/showcases during the month of January, February, March and April to maximize the learning and recruiting process of each player. College Coaches clinics are a great way to improve – to get to know the coach – be noticed – increase each individual chances of a college scholarship. (COVID-19 CDC REGULATIONS MIGHT GREATLY RESTRICT THIS TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES) 

IV. PRIVATE LESSONS - Private and group lessons are designed to give instruction in a one on one or small group setting. You can choose from several highly educated and experienced coaching staff to give your player their full attention during a 50 minute session.

We hope this information has been helpful. If there are any other questions we can answer, please contact Coach Jitka at 901-870-0837 or